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Twitter Voice is a handy Android application for Twitter users who want to tweet quickly without having to type anything. A great application for people on the move, for example, people who want to tweet as they drive the car.

twitter speak

Since the application requires no keyboard, the application uses “speech-to-text” technology to convert your voice into written text. Using the application is simple. Just launch the application on your Android device, click “Record”, and speak what you want to tweet. The application will process what you spoke and write it. Then just click “Send” to push the tweet on to your Twitter timeline.

At times, the Twitter Voice may not identify your words correctly, so it is advisable to speak in a clear and audible voice.

The application requires Android OS 1.5 and up to function.


  • Free to use.
  • Tweet using only your voice and a few taps.
  • Incredibly easy to use app interface.
  • Similar tools: TweJay.

Check out Twitter Voice @

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