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For Twitter fans out there, Twitter just released a new set of UI improvements and updates to its official desktop platform, TweetDeck. This follows other recent updates in the last few months that Twitter has made to its online platform.

The updated TweetDeck now includes a slight redesign in it’s user interface, an improved profile panel including profile header images, the ability to change font size under Settings, and a pop-up window for adding columns to the main interface. The most significant update and improvement to the UI includes the ability to choose a color theme for the app from the toolbar of either white text on black background or black text on black background. In the app’s Preference’s Setting > General, the font size can be changed, as well as the size of columns.

An Add or View Column button has also been added to the toolbar, so that the Timeline, Interactions list, Mentions, Favorites, Activity, Scheduled tweets, etc, can be viewed in a separate pop-up window or added as a column. This pop-up window is especially useful for users who have lots of columns that can’t be viewed all at once.

Clicking on a user’s profile now also reveals a pop-up window that includes the new profile header image, included also in the web browser platform.


From this window, users can also view a contact’s list of current tweets, Mentions, Lists, Timeline, and Favorites.

Though the updates to TweetDeck are not a major overhaul, the improvements do make the app much easier to manage and use.

Source: Tech Hive

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