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Twitter just announced that it has introduced a feature for users to mute the tweets and retweets of individuals they follow, similar to how it’s done in the third-party app, Tweetbot.

The mute feature will be included on, and the iOS and Android Twitter apps. This mute feature will be welcomed by many users who don’t want to stop following particular users, but who may want to pause their tweets from showing up on in their timeline for a while.

The feature will be rolled out to all Twitter users over the next several weeks. Specific instructions for how to mute users can be found on Twitter’s help center page.

According to the instructions, users will need to manually mute and unmute users, whereas with Tweetbot, app users can go to the profile page of a user, tap on the gear button, and select to mute for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, or Forever—or until they are unmated.


The feature has also been available on Twitter’s TweetDeck desktop application. It also requires a manual unmute for each user.


TweetDeck mute

Twitter says that people you mute can still follow you, and see and interact with your content. They still will be able to fave, reply to, and retweet your tweets, but you won’t see their activity in your timeline as long as they are muted.

The @ replies and @ mentions from muted users you follow will still appear in your Notifications tab, and muted users can still send you direct messages. Also, the previous messages of muted contacts will still be displayed, and only the tweets after they were muted will not show up.

So what do you think of the mute feature? Are you already using it in another app?

Source: Twitter Blog

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