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Do you know that you can type in symbols in your tweets? Even though you are only allowed 140 characters in a single tweet, you can still spice it up with icons or pictures using different symbol characters. Twitter Symbols is a Twitter app that allows you to easily add these symbol characters in your tweet. It makes your tweet much more unique, and stand out among others.


To use Twitter Symbols, go to the app’s homepage and connect your Twitter account with the app. From there you may type in your tweet in the text box in the app’s homepage. The symbols are located in a menu underneath the text box. The symbols are conveniently organized into categories so that you can easily find the icon that you are looking for. Just click the symbols that you want added in your tweet and press the send button once you are done.

Make your tweets less boring and more fun by adding icons and pictures to them using Twitter Symbols.


  • Add symbol characters to your tweets.
  • Icons are neatly organized into categories.
  • Install the bookmarklet to easily access Twitter Symbols.
  • Similar Twitter Tools: FbSym, JoyLy, CopyPasteCharacter and EntityCode.

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