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Twitter has just released a small update which could enhance the way you view photos and use the media gallery on the micro-blogging network. Twitter is taking the ‘Lightbox’ route when it comes to viewing photos. Earlier, when you clicked on an image on your profile page or on the page with the search results would take you to separate page with the photo in its full resolution. The latest tweak does away with that and now overlays the image on the profile page or where you clicked on the link. You don’t have to leave the original page anymore.

The Media Gallery on Twitter also has undergone a slight change with the inclusion of videos from Vine Twitter Launches Vine - A Service For Sharing Short Videos [Updates] Twitter Launches Vine - A Service For Sharing Short Videos [Updates] Twitter has launched a video service in the form of a cool new app called Vine. For the time being, using Vine to create videos is only available with the Vine iOS app, but Twitter... Read More , YouTube, Vimeo, and other partners whose videos will also appear within extended tweets. Expanded tweets with interactive content from the likes of Amazon, CNN, Soundcloud, National Geographic etc. are making tweets more visual and the communication richer.

To that very end, individual tweets also have been expanded to include more conversations with more replies in each thread as Twitter demonstrated with this Tweet from @jimmyfallon, asking users to tweet embarrassing stories, or this Tweet from @NickKristof, asking why there are so few female bosses.


We know that 140 characters can be used quite vocally; with these updates the voices could grow in decibels.

Source: Twitter Blog

  1. Scott Macmillan
    February 1, 2013 at 12:23 pm

    I like this idea.It allows for a quicker flow of information.Being able to view a photo on the same page without a secondary link is a wonderful idea.

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