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Twitter has announce on Wednesday the launch of Lead Generation Cards, a new feature that caters to consumers and has already created value for the social-media service’s advertisers. Lead Generation Cards are a new Tweet format that allows users to express interest in discounts and offers promoted by their choice of companies and other entities.

The Lead Generation Card lets users expand a seemingly normal advertised Tweet to reveal a discount or an offer. The mechanics of the design are comparable to any photo, video, or Vine attachment which can be expanded into a Twitter card.

Users have the option of sending their basic contact information to the advertiser by clicking a small button underneath the card. Information is automatically filled out based on the user’s account information, and includes the user’s name, Twitter handle, and email address.

“Today, the Lead Generation Card will only be available to our managed clients,” says Mitali Pattnaik, Twitter Product Manager for Revenue, “We have plans to launch this Card globally and to small and medium-sized businesses soon.”

Current businesses using the Lead Generation Card include New Relic, Full Sail, and Priceline, and the company expects that more companies will follow. Twitter has not released a statement as to whether the Lead Generation Cards will be exclusively featured as Promoted Tweets or as normal Tweets from a verified account.


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Do you like the concept of Twitter’s Lead Generation Card? Would you use them?

Source: Twitter via TheNextWeb

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