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Twitter’s effort to make it easy for you to track conversations continues. The social network is starting to point out when someone favorites a tweet mentioning you – or Retweets a Tweet that you Retweeted. It sounds confusing, but it’s not: the new notifications make it easier to see who’s connecting with you on Twitter.

Interaction on Facebook is straight-forward: users can comment on, share or like the things you post, and you’re notified anytime anyone does any of these things. Twitter isn’t exactly complex by comparison – users can respond to your tweets, re-tweet them or click “Favorite”. What can be complex is keeping track of all these interactions. It’s a problem Twitter’s been working on for a while: until recently users were only directly notified when a user directly responded to your message. That changed when Twitter added the “Interactions” page in late 2011. This page makes it possible to see when another user Retweets or Favorites any of your tweets – showing you more ways in which others are interacting with your content.

These changes made it easier for Twitter users to track interaction, but a lot of interaction is still buried compared to Facebook. Conversations aren’t arranged in threads until you click a tweet, and notifications are only sent for reactions to Tweets you yourself wrote.

Until now. According to The Next Web, Twitter is starting to send notifications when someone else Favorites a Tweet that mentions you – meaning for the first time Twitter is sending out notifications based on indirect interactions.


You can enable this in email right now, and some smartphone users are already seeing the notifications, according to The Next Web. No word yet on when the majority of users can expect to see this in the web version – it’s not showing up for me. But hopefully Twitter will continue to make tracking interactions easier and easier.

Source: The Next Web

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