Twitter Launches Vine – A Service For Sharing Short Videos [Updates]

vinelogo e1359051422482   Twitter Launches Vine   A Service For Sharing Short Videos [Updates]Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve heard rumblings of Twitter launching some kind of video sharing service, and it looks like those rumors have come to be in the form of a cool new service called Vine. For the time being, using Vine to create videos is only available with the Vine iOS app, but Twitter has made it clear that Vine will be coming to other platforms soon.

In keeping with Twitter’s theme, videos created on Vine are very short. In fact, videos can only be six seconds or less. This will keep long-winded videos off the service, and just like tweets themselves, everything needs to get to the point. Between the short video clips, and the fact that the app is able to record sound, it should be easy enough for Vine users to get their point across in the time allotment.

Creating videos is as simple as holding a finger on the screen to record, and letting go to stop. You can stop as few or as many times as you want, so you can record one continuous six second video or a bunch of short clips. It only records while touching, so you can change the shot and tell a brief story though the videos without actually having to do any editing.

The videos are embedded directly in Tweets, just like a photo shared on a supported image service. Videos can be played on the Twitter website or on the Twitter mobile app. However, on the mobile application, the videos do not loop as they do on the desktop version of Twitter.

Here’s an example of a Tweet made with Vine:

One thing Twitter neglects to mention in its official announcement of Vine is that users can also share videos on Facebook. However, my Vine posts were not showing up on my Facebook Timeline. The app comes with its own social network, so users can share videos within the Vine network even if they don’t have a Twitter or Facebook account.

Source: Twitter

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Only 6 sek? Nead more!

Luis Gorospe

Oh! i need 30 seconds more..

Dave Parrack

Was 6 seconds chosen arbitrarily? Why not 5, or 7? This is going to force people to get creative with their videos, which is no bad thing.

Gareth Parkin

This is an interesting move by twitter and I agree that users are going to have to be exceptionally creative with only such a short play length.


Any ideas when it will be coming to Android and BBerry?