Twitter iOS App Receives Update For iOS 5 [News]

twitter logo   Twitter iOS App Receives Update For iOS 5 [News]iOS 5 is ready to go, and with it comes a slew of updates to major applications. The latest of these is the default Twitter app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This new update brings a number of improvements to the application, as well as some general bug fixes and performance improvements that seem to come standard with any major application update.

The first major change added in version 3.5.0 is the full integration of Twitter’s own photo sharing service. This seems like a no brainer. After all, why wouldn’t the Twitter app support the Twitter photo sharing service. Another nice improvement is Twitter streamlining the sign up process through the application. A lot of people who didn’t have a Twitter may feel inclined to sign up now that iOS 5 has Twitter fully integrated into the OS.

The rest of the changes come on the iPad side of the equation. They have changed the direct message layout on the app. They added the ability to sort direct messages by location, as well as by thread. They also made it so you can find tweets by tapping on a nearby location, making it easier to find users who are near you. Of course, that only works if the original Tweeter shared their location when they made the Tweet.

twitternew   Twitter iOS App Receives Update For iOS 5 [News]

Overall, nothing too earth shattering in this update, but good general improvements. I am happy to see Twitter getting ready for the big iOS 5 launch with a nice little update.

Source: TheNextWeb

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