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Twitter is going to be more instantaneous, if it isn’t already. In the wake of the recent Twitter profile page redesign Twitter Changes The Profile Page Design - Again Twitter Changes The Profile Page Design - Again Another day, another Twitter page redesign. No sooner have we gotten over the last incarnation than they have got restless and changed it again. Read More , comes real-time notifications. The feature will roll out across all accounts gradually over the coming weeks.

It’s all for more engagement. Earlier, notifications came through the mobile apps and from Twitter’s own emails. Now, it will be right there and then on your screen. When you are logged into, you will receive notifications if someone has replied, favorited or retweeted one of your Tweets. You will also be alerted for direct messages and new followers. The notifications are fully interactive and you can respond right from the notification.

Twitter Notifications

If you are a heavy user, these notifications can also be an annoyance or a distraction. Like all good things, you can go into your account settings and choose which notifications you want to see. As you can see, there are five different types of notifications on view. You also might want to recheck the notifications you get on your mobile app and via email.

Twitter Settings

Real-time Twitter notifications will definitely improve engagement, especially on when kept open in a background browser tab. Do note again, that the feature will rolled out gradually. If you spot it on your account, tell us what it does for your tweeting.


Source: Twitter Blog

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