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Twitter has just improved the way we search on the microblog by giving us additional filters and what it calls “a social context”. The new search is a smart makeover, with suggested results revealing the relationship between the user and the other suggested accounts in the results. Twitter calls it “social context”. Photos and accounts have also been brought in as search filters in the other significant changes.  With the search improvements, users get to enjoy the same experience on their desktop and searching Twitter on mobiles Twitter's Mobile Apps Updated With Tweets From The Past, Better Search & More [Updates] Twitter's Mobile Apps Updated With Tweets From The Past, Better Search & More [Updates] Twitter just released a new updates for its iOS and Android apps as well as its mobile site. The update was released on Wednesday, and a variety of new features are included. Most notably is... Read More .

Search is becoming more visual all around, and it is moving away from being text-only into the realms of social connectivity and multimedia. Twitter can’t be left too far behind in the game. First, when you type a query, Twitter will show you which of the other connections you follow, also follow the suggested accounts in the search result. Recent results and saved searches have been incorporated along with the social context which you can spy even as you type in your query. With a click you can see the top tweets, all tweets, and tweets from those you follow on the results page. It is a much cleaner way to dissect the tweets than before.

Photos have been given a tab all of their own. Think of it as a filter and it almost makes you think of Google Image Search. Clicking on People shows you the accounts behind the top tweets. You can choose to follow (or un-follow) users here. Twitter announced the changes with… a tweet.

The announcement was surprisingly low-key because after last year’s overhaul of Twitter Search, this is another step in a richer direction.


Have you tried it out yet? Tell us how you find the update.


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