Twitter Hack Compromises Approx 250,000 User Accounts [Updates]

twitter bird logo   Twitter Hack Compromises Approx 250,000 User Accounts [Updates]Twitter has recently informed users that hackers have compromised the security of approximately 250,000 user accounts. Any account known to have been affected has had the password reset and an email sent to inform the user. The hackers had access to user details such as username, email address and encrypted passwords for a limited time.

Twitter reminds and encourages all users to ensure they are using unique passwords for all internet accounts and that each password is strong, using at least 10 characters with a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Twitter also recommends that users turn off Java in their browsers as it increases the risk of a security breach. All users are encouraged to review the list of approved connections on their applications page to ensure there is nothing unexpected in the list.

Twitter has also revealed that this data breach was not the work of amateurs and that other companies may have been attacked in a similar fashion. They are still gathering information and working with law enforcement agencies to help prevent similar attacks.

MakeUseOf itself has been sent an email from Twitter to say the account has been compromised.

MakeUseOf Twitter Hack   Twitter Hack Compromises Approx 250,000 User Accounts [Updates]

It seems as if Twitter has handled this attack with an efficient, prompt response and that most people will have nothing to worry about. Have you been affected by the latest Twitter hack?

Source: Twitter Blog via The Next Web

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I don’t get it… all these very public sites that get hacked again and again — are they all just sloppy with security — or helpless??

Angela Alcorn

I think maybe some are just sloppy, but this seems to be a more professional hack than most. I guess more details will come out later.

Eric Jay Palomar

good to know i wasn’t one of the victims.

Adam Campbell

I have not gotten anything, yet.

Mark Alsisto

MUO twitter account got hacked!! are you guys using a strong password?

salim benhouhou

i didn’t got hacked . @Mark even when you use a strong password that doesn’t mean you won’t be hacked .

Angela Alcorn

Not exactly – Twitter got hacked. Our account was just one of the accounts whose details were possibly viewed by the hackers.

Achouak Ben

My account didn’t got hacked

Scott Macmillan

I agree with Mark Alsisto.A strong password should offer some protection against a site attack.

Kashif Maqsood

No problem with my account.

Alex Perkins

I’m glad my account wasn’t compromised, well, as far as I know. I’m also glad that Twitter reacted in such a professional and efficient manner to the beach. Good going Twitter! Now go learn from this hack and fix it! :-)

Mac Witty

Not got the mail but after 1Password (Agilebit) tweeted their account was in the group and how to change password using iPassword I thought it was a good idea to change, just in case

ion popa

I changed my Twitter account password immediately after I heard about the hack. Now, the number of spam messages I get in my Inbox (email associated with my Twitter account) is unusual high for me – 9 messages in the last 24 hours vs. 1-2 per week before the hack. This has to do with the hack I think…

suneo nobi

Subscribing to pwnedlist is also a good measure as you get alert when your accounts get compromised…..

Nevzat Akkaya

The best strategy for avoiding such catastrophes is using a strong, unique computer generated password for each web site. LastPass and KeePass will help on that.


Thankfully there is nothing wrong with my account :)

Rubis Song

Brrrr… thanks God it didn’t happened to me!


Just got an email that mine was compromised.

Ivan Biolango

Pray to those who are Satan’s slaves that might be save.

Ron Lister

I haven’t been told I was affected but plan to change most of my passwords soon anyway.

Oswaldo Bellido

I DID get the same message as MUO… I’m changing my password already!


I wasn’t affected by the hack. Maybe it’s because I don’t use Twitter. :-)


thanks God it didn’t happened to me!


I think no matter what anybody tries to do, hackers sooner or later get there way. These guys are very highly motivated