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Twitter has recently informed users that hackers have compromised the security of approximately 250,000 user accounts. Any account known to have been affected has had the password reset and an email sent to inform the user. The hackers had access to user details such as username, email address and encrypted passwords for a limited time.

Twitter reminds and encourages all users to ensure they are using unique passwords for all internet accounts and that each password is strong, using at least 10 characters with a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Twitter also recommends that users turn off Java in their browsers as it increases the risk of a security breach. All users are encouraged to review the list of approved connections on their applications page to ensure there is nothing unexpected in the list.

Twitter has also revealed that this data breach was not the work of amateurs and that other companies may have been attacked in a similar fashion. They are still gathering information and working with law enforcement agencies to help prevent similar attacks.

MakeUseOf itself has been sent an email from Twitter to say the account has been compromised.

It seems as if Twitter has handled this attack with an efficient, prompt response and that most people will have nothing to worry about. Have you been affected by the latest Twitter hack?


Source: Twitter Blog via The Next Web

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