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It’s about time. Twitter announced this week that the “Read” status of Direct Messages (DMs) will sync between all platforms, meaning that message you read on your phone will no longer be marked as unread when you get to your desktop.

“We’ve heard your feedback,” wrote Twitter in a Monday blog post“Direct messages now sync across all your devices.”

“Finally”, responded everyone who has resorted to deleting a DM just to stop seeing such  notifications (ie., just about every Twitter user with multiple devices). Mac users should also rejoice: that platform’s Mac app finally includes the @Connect page.

The DM isn’t Twitter’s most-used feature – it’s the lone private function of the web’s most public social network. These messages, as their name implies, are direct from one Twitter user to another – and not visible to anyone but the two parties involved. This differs from “@replies”, which are visible on profile pages and to anyone who follows both users involved in a conversation.

Receive a DM and you’ll be notified of it on your phone, in Tweetdeck and by a glowing icon on Twitter’s web interface. Before now, however, there was a notification problem: users who read a message on their phone still saw the notification on the desktop. Twitter just wouldn’t shut up.


The change, which is slowly rolling out to users, puts a stop to this annoyance.

It seems this blog post is a list of longtime Twitter wishes fulfilled: it also announced Twitter For Mac now includes the “@Connect” page, meaning Mac users can track retweets and new followers from within the app.


It’s overdue, sure, but nice for users of the long-neglected Mac app to have.

The same blog post also announced built-in replies for iPhone users and improved search results for all mobile users: searching for a specific person now takes you directly to a profile page.

What longtime annoynaces would you like Twitter to fix? Let us know in the comments below, because apparently they’re actually fixing things now!

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