Twitter Brings Expanded Tweets & Customized Notifications To iOS & Android Apps [Updates]

twitter icon 300   Twitter Brings Expanded Tweets & Customized Notifications To iOS & Android Apps [Updates]Twitter is rolling out a significant update for its iOS and Android apps. The update is already available for download on both platforms, and includes several new features, some of which we’ve already seen on the web version of Twitter, some are customized for the mobile experience.

First and foremost is the arrival of expanded tweets to mobile apps. Expanded tweets were first introduced last month, and were up till now available only on Twitter’s web interface and mobile site. Expanded tweets let you view images, videos and article previews from selected websites inside the tweet itself, without having to click on the link and leave the app to view it. This feature is being rolled out gradually, so don’t panic if you’ve just updated the app but can’t see this feature yet.

twitter expanded   Twitter Brings Expanded Tweets & Customized Notifications To iOS & Android Apps [Updates]

Another mobile-centric feature which some people will love is the ability to get specific push notifications from your favorite Twitter users. To activate, access any Twitter profile (now possible also by simply tapping the avatar), and choose to receive notifications from this user through the action button. Once you turn these on, you’ll receive push notifications for every tweet and retweet made by this user.

Aside from these two major updates, the new versions also offers much-improved autocomplete when searching for users, and the usual bug and crash fixes. Let us know if you can already see expanded tweets on your phone and what you think of them.

Download: Twitter 3.3.0 for Android or Twitter 4.3 for iOS.

Source: Twitter Blog

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I’ve never used the Twitter mobile client. Been using HootSuite because I have to deal with multiple Twitter accounts.

Yaara Lancet

Do you use HootSuite on mobile as well? Do you like it? I’ve used HootSuite in the past, but never tried their mobile apps.


Yea, I use Hootsuite mobile as well. Honestly I have nothing to compare it to because it’s all I’ve used. I did a bunch of research on Twitter clients and Hootsuite seemed to be the choice of a lot of people. It’s nice that you can manage accounts across all different services and that it has analytics built into it as well.

Yaara Lancet

Sounds good. And you’re using the paid version of HootSuite, I assume?


Just the free one. I have no need for the group features.


The Twitter app on Windows Phone was also updated.

Yaara Lancet

It was? Wonder why they didn’t think to mention that as well. Thanks!


finally twitter..thank you