Twitter & Comedy Central Invite You To A 5-Day Comedy Fest Just For Laughs [Updates]

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Comedy Central and Twitter kicked off #ComedyFest, an experimental fest of high hilarity and general fun.  Mel Brooks launched the live streaming event with a tweet yesterday, and will be among the 68 comedic stars participating in the event that will run simultaneously on Twitter, Vine, and Comedy Central’s own site until May 3rd.  Q&A sessions, roasts, live-tweeting stand-up specials, and favorite funny films will fill up the 20 events and the 140 characters used to broadcast them to followers around the world.

Twitter is now uniquely positioned to showcase events of this stature. Vine captures the live multimedia side along with in-tweet livestreaming, and backed up by the quick viral spread of hashtags and the popularity of Comedy Central as a humor brand, it’s not difficult to gauge the positive reaction of the Twitterverse to such a special event. Comedy Central has the full schedule for you.

A glance through the schedule tells us that it’s not all about jokes and puns — some of the live panel discussions should take us behind the scenes and show how some of the wittiest brains alive today work.

Twitter has stolen a march on YouTube, but as fans of the pun stuff, we shouldn’t be complaining. More the jokes, merrier will the world be. Will you be following along? Have a titter with Twitter and give us your one-liners in the comments.

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Sure I will follow. Look esp. forward to seeing Mel Brooks

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