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Last week, we asked you what is the best brand of laptop What Is The Best Laptop Brand? [Poll] What Is The Best Laptop Brand? [Poll] Read More . 1180 of you responded. Apple was at the top of the list with 273 votes which made up 23% of the total votes. As some of you have pointed out in the comments, this does not mean Apple has the biggest share of fans. If we were to combine the PC votes together they would add up to 77%. Yes, Apple makes pretty equipment that some people love but it is horribly expensive.

Dell came in second place with 17% with Levono/IBM and HP/Compaq close behind with 14% and 13% respectively. Very interesting, guys! And I learned that Toshiba has a very loyal following. It seems that people that have gone with them seem to say they are very well built and require little hardware servicing! You can view the complete poll results after the jump.

And now on to our current poll: Did Twitter Change Your Life or Make You More Busy?

Choose an answer from the poll below. Feel free to add your comments as well. If you love Twitter and want to make some new friends, you can go ahead and list your Twitter ID in the comments for everyone to see.


[the poll is closed]

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