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If your twitter stream seems a little overcrowded with irrelevant tweets, a new set of Twitter updates for iOS and Android mobile apps now include a special Discover section of tweets, such as news stories, images of current events, and recent activities, tailored for the types of topics individual users may be interested in.

The Discover tweets, or “Twitter cards“, section shows linked photos, videos, and article previews within the tweets. To access these tailored tweets, users need to tap on the View All Tweets tab in the Discover section. Links to photos and other content can be tapped for more detail and larger viewing inside the app. This new back end setup means less tapping for users, and more relevant content.

The search feature at the top of the Twitter app also now includes previews of photos and videos in search results, as well as most relevant tweets at the top.

The mobile Discover section of the Twitter mirrors the web version of Discover, with the same tailored tweets. Online Discover also now includes a new notification update that shows at the top of the user’s Discover stream when new tweets are available.

Additional app updates include simpler steps for resetting user passwords and managing follow requests.


Twitter Engineering Manger for Search and Relevance, Daniel Loreto, said the new “set of updates delivers the most engaging Discover experience yet.” He said the back end and user interface of the apps were re-done to take advantage of the new Discover Twitter cards.

Source: Mashable

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