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Twitter has added six more languages to its translation center, and is now looking for translators who will help Twitter officially support them. The languages are Catalan, Afrikaans, Ukrainian, Greek, Czech and Basque. If you can speak these languages and want to help translate Twitter, you can head over to the Translation Center and start working.

Twitter launched the new Translation Center last year, and since then has been adding more and more languages to the list. It now offers its interface in 28 different languages, after adding support for the Right-to-Left languages Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, and Urdu only last month.

Twitter receives thousands of requests for new languages, and these six new additions were the most requested languages. According to Twitter, nearly half a million people are already participating in the translation project, which has been around since October 2009. New people, who speak one of these six new languages, are now invited to join in on the fun.

If you can’t speak these languages, you can still help. On the main Translation Center page you can find the full list of languages Twitter is currently working on, which include Dutch, French, Russian, Hindi, Italian, and many others.

Do you help with Twitter’s translation project? Would you consider joining now?


Source: Twitter Translation Center

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