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Twitter is taking photo sharing very seriously. Recently, they rolled out the ability to upload an image right from the Twitter homepage Twitter Enables Photo Sharing For All Users [News] Twitter Enables Photo Sharing For All Users [News] Read More , and now they are making sure those images stick around by adding galleries to all user profiles. Basically, galleries will make it so when a user shares a photo on Twitter it does not get lost in oblivion as soon as it falls down their timeline. Now all images uploaded using Twitter’s upload service, as well other supported image services like yFrog and Twitpic will remain available on all users profiles.

Starting Monday (August 29th) all users will have galleries added to their profiles. The most recent images will show up right below the information bar that informs how many followers a user has. Users will then be able to click on that and see the last 100 images upload all the way back to January 2010. All images uploaded to any of the supported services before then will not show up in the gallery. Also, any videos shared on Twitter will not show up in galleries.

The gallery offers two views, the detail view, which shows you the image and the tweet, and the grid view. The grid view just shows you all the images in a grid.

This is a cool feature for Twitter but if they add too much information to user profiles they could become another Facebook, and one Facebook is more than enough.

Source: Mashable, Official Announcement: Twitter


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