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Twitter has grown to become a powerful community that allows you to keep track of updates on your favorite blogs and sites. However, having to open up the browser window and a new tab every time you want to update or read your Tweets is unnecessary and time consuming.

With this app you can eliminate all the steps of having to load the Twitter site and enter your login credentials every time you want to visit your account or send someone a message.

Avoid the Extra Clicks with Twittastic

Twittastic (compatible with Windows platforms Win98 and up) drastically increases the improvement of your Twitter experience by allowing you to update your personal profile, follow your friends or sites, and send messages all from the comfort of your desktop.

Twittastic features a clear-cut and simple GUI (graphical user interface) and arrives at your desktop with a few interesting tools. For example, you can take a screenshot and instantly share it on Twitter by uploading the file to Twitpic (through Twittastic) and pasting the corresponding link in the text field. This same process can be applied to photos, webcam shots, and any other sort of file on your PC.


Another nifty feature that comes with Twittastic is the ability to flip your text completely upside-down. This feature isn’t absolutely useful, but it can be a bit interesting for your followers at times.

You can also insert small graphics into your tweets as well.

After the image has been uploaded:

The End of our Fan(Twit)tastic Journey

Twittastic lets you control your Twitter account directly from your desktop through the use of various features allowing you to save time and blend creativity with your Tweets as well. Not only are you able to send messages and update your account on your desktop, but you’re also able to share unlimited amounts of files with other users.

A quick drawback I came across was that Twittastic only supports one account; hopefully in the future the developers of this app will allow the use of multiple accounts at once.

Do you use Twittastic?  If so, what do you like / dislike about it?

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