TwitrCovers: Get High Resolution Cover Photos For Your Twitter Profiles

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Like Facebook, Twitter also offers the option of having a photo set as your cover on your Twitter profile. You can manually upload an image and set it as your cover. But if you are looking for a source of high quality images that can be set as your Twitter cover images quickly, you should check out a site called TwitrCovers.

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TwitrCovers is a free to use website that offers its site visitors with numerous high quality images which can be used as cover photos for your Twitter profiles. You can browse the images features on the homepage of the website or you can begin browsing by looking for images in the various categories on the site. You can also check out the popular images being used as Twitter covers by people.

Images can be downloaded and set up as Twitter cover photos manually or you can authorize TwitrCovers to have access to your Twitter account and automatically set the images as cover photos on Twitter.


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Daniel M

nice review :) lovely headers they have as do



nice review .. but I prefer this site


Paul Girardin

Thanks for sharing! Found two nice pictures to overhaul my Twitter profile.


twitter headers is the most powerful twitter header site

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