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If you’re an avid Twitter user who posts photos and video clips to your Twitter stream, you may like to know that Twitpic, the first ever photo sharing site for the popular social network, has recently released its very own free iPhone app of the same name. Twitpic is similar to other online photo services, including YFrog, Lockerz, and Mobypicture, that allow you to post your photos and videos to Twitter and then access and manage them all in one place. In addition, you can tag and organize your photos as events.

The new Twitpic provides all the vital features, but it also includes accesses to the built-in camera of the iPhone so that you can take photos or grab them from Photo Library. From there you can write your tweet and post the image or video to your timeline. The app also shows you the photos by other Twitpic users in your timeline.

Twitpic 1

Twitpic even includes a photo editor for cropping, rotating, and correcting exposure. And to save you from having to open yet another photo app, Twitpic includes 12 different photo filters, including Singe, Vivid, San Carmen, and Soft Focus. There are also tools for auto correcting night shots, White Balance, etc.


Twitpic might prove very useful when you’re taking lots of photos at an event and you want to save yourself a few taps when you’re posting your photos to your Twitter stream. In addition, as with any Twitter app, you are able to reply to the tweets and photos posted by your contacts.



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