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what is twitterI remember when I started learning how to Twitter. My first reaction was “What in the world is the use of this waste of time?” Twitter was confusing, a waste of time, and without a point. It wasn’t until I decided I was going to finally sit down and figure it out that I actually began to “get it.”

The point is, Twitter can be quite the tool to get your proverbial head around. When things are tough, it’s nice to have a little help.  It’s for that reason that a blog like comes in handy. shares tips about how to Twitter. In fact, that’s what the name means: Twit-tip.

how to twitter

There are 7 topics of Twitter tips covers.

(1) Twitter for beginners has help for the beginner Twitter user just learning how to Twitter. First of all, if you check out the bottom of the page, you’ll find a list of posts written specifically to help someone starting out.

how to twitter


There’s also a whole category of posts directed towards the beginner. Some good posts from this category are the:

Concise Guide to Understanding Replies, Mentions and Direct Messages on Twitter – Part 1 and Part 2
Tame The Beast: How To Use Twitter So It Doesn’t Suck Up Your Time And Attention
How to Get Noticed on Twitter.

(2) How to get Twitter followers

how to twitter

One of the difficult parts of getting going with Twitter is building a following. It would be nice if we had more than our parents and best friend following us. One of the reasons for using Twitter is to be heard, right?  With posts like

How to Grow an Interested Following on Twitter using RSS,
6 “REAL” Reasons Why Followers Follow,
Get More Followers by Spending Less Time on Twitter

we can get a little bit of help.

(3) Twitter tools

twitter tools

As you know from reading MakeUseOf, there are many tools being developed to make Twitter a better, more productive tool:

Well, there just so happens to be a category on covering Twitter tools too. Sometimes it’s interesting to hear different voices, ideas and opinions on the same subject. Check out Tweepi – Twitter Follow Management With Stats and How To Use CoTweet To Join The Conversation.

(4) General Twitter tips

twitter tools

It’s great to get tips from people who have experience! If we can find anything good to learn about how to use Twitter, it could be found in the Tips category. Check these tips out: When NOT to Tweet, Twitter – The Art of Influence, and Get More Mileage Out of Your Blog Archives with Twitter Teasers

(5) Twitter for business

twitter tools

Businesses are getting into Twitter BIG time! There are several businesses I follow just so I can keep up with new developments. Businesses use Twitter in several ways, one of which is to build a brand. Apparently you can also use Twitter to find a job!  Who knew?

(6) Twitter Users

what is twitter also has a whole category about how to find out WHO to follow. Are you new to Twitter and you don’t know who to follow? Find out who’s who and how to find the people YOU would want to listen to. Try these posts: The Top 12 Unique Causes to Follow on Twitter, Moms: The Spiders on the Social Media Web, and Twitter: The Real-Time Answer Engine.

(7) Twitter news

what is twitter

This category is all about news about Twitter. For instance, since Twitter released its “List” feature, there’s been some buzz about it. Check out these 2 articles talking about it: Twitter Lists In Detail or, “Yo Dawg, I Heard U Like Lists!” and 8 Things to Consider Before Using Twitter Lists.

If you like to read blogs (and hopefully you do because MakeUseOf is an awesome one!) and you want some help with Twitter, you really need to check out  It’s a blog that is offering help!

Closer to home, don’t forget to check out our very own Twitter Guide: Best Practices and Tips [PDF Guide] Twitter: Best Practices and Tips Twitter: Best Practices and Tips Read More to help you get started with Twitter.

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