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If you are a blogger, you might have come across the Facebook badge you can place on your site. The purpose of the badge is to notify blog followers of your Facebook status. Since Twitter is an equally large social networking site, why is there no badge equivalent for Twitter? With TwitHut, now there is.

twitter signature image

TwitHut lets you generate is the same as Facebook badge, but only for Twitter users. It is a free website that creates our very own badge which it calls our Twitter Signature.

Before we can go ahead with creating our Signature, we need to sign up for a free account on TwitHut and sign into Twitter. Then we can log into TwitHut and enter our Twitter username / ID. Then we select the size of our Badge / Signature. There are three available sizes: 160×200, 400×150, and 312×92. We can select whichever size will suit our blog / site best.

Regardless of the selected size, the information on our signature will be the same: our Twitter followers, friends, and latest Tweet. When our Signature is generated, we are given its preview and its HTML code (for websites) and BBCode (for forums). A direct link to our Signature image is also given.

twitter signature image



  • Totally free.
  • Lots of nice signature images to choose from.
  • 3 different signature sizes available.
  • 2 simple steps enter your Twiter name and choose image.
  • Gives us HTML code + BBCode + direct URL for our signature image.
  • Similar tools: TwitterSignatureStyles and My Live Signature.

Check out TwitHut @

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