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Many Twitter users share URLs from their accounts to share interesting web material. If you want to find the latest links shared by a particular Twitter user, one easy way would be to search for their Tweets. TwitFlink provides an easy way for this.

tweets with links

TwitFlink is a simple, free to use website that helps visitors easily search for a Twitter user’s Tweets which contain links. On the homepage of the site you see a field where you can enter the Twitter username. The site executes a search for this name and searching for all their Tweets that contains links.

If you are looking for a particular Tweet, you can filter the results by keywords to narrow down your search. Needless to say, this procedure saves a lot of time when compare to the traditional way of searching somebody’s Tweet feed for links.

tweets with links


  • Very user friendly.
  • Lists all shared links by a Twitter user.
  • Search results can further be filtered through keywords.
  • Can be very helpful in finding out what interesting stuff your Twitter friends have been sharing.
  • Similar tools: SiftLinks and Tlink.

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