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There’s no dearth of tweet scheduling services but what most of them have is a limitation on the number of tweets that can be scheduled in advance if you are not paying them. TwitDrip is a new Twitter scheduling service that differentiates itself by allowing unlimited tweet scheduling for free. You may choose timezones, the days of the week when you want to publish, the time intervals and easily compose tweets in their nice and simple user interface.

The service does provide a URL shortener to shorten those links, and makes it easy to schedule tweets but does not provide a browser bookmarklet like most of these services do. So that might be a slight hindrance in you choosing it over its competitors, but other than that, it’s a tool worth trying out if you schedule tweets everyday.


  • Schedule tweets to publish at regular time intervals.
  • No limit on number of tweets you can schedule.

Check out TwitDrip @

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  1. Angela Chao Bella
    January 23, 2012 at 5:48 pm

    just signed up lets see how it works