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Twitter is one of the most popular social networks on the Internet right now. But to the majority of us, it’s only about tweeting random stuff and social media marketing. But did you know you can use Twitter to create to-do lists and manage your tasks as well, thanks to a productive web application known as Twitdo.

twitter todo list

To get started, just tweet about any task you want to complete with #todo hashtag. Now, go to if you want to access your to-do list. After completing the task, just tweet “#done your task” to mark the entry as done. You can even remove the entry completely from your TwitDo list using the #undo hashtag. The list in which the tasks are marked as done should look something like this:


If you are a Twitter addict then Twitdo can be really helpful in increasing your productivity and help you manage different tasks in an efficient manner. But if you have privacy concerns you may want to think twice before using the service as anyone who is following you can access your  to-do list by going to your Twitdo URL.


  • Clean and Simple UI.
  • Use tweets to create to-do lists.
  • Manage your daily tasks from Twitter.

Check out @

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