Twitbridge: Access Twitter From Behind Firewalls

If you are an active Twitter user and can’t live without constantly checking your Twitter stream wherever you are, check out Twitbridge. It is a web proxy that lets you access Twitter even from places where its access is blocked by a firewall or a proxy (high school, work, different country etc).

If your network restricts you from accessing Twitter, simply head to Twitbridge and click the “Access now” button on their homepage. You will be redirected to Twitter’s homepage, where you can then sign in with your Twitter credentials. No need to download an app, register for an account or install a plugin. All it takes is a single click from the Twitbridge homepage.

Once you are signed in, you will see the usual Twitter interface you are used to. The only difference is that you will see in your address bar instead of So now you can access Twitter from any place, without worrying about possible network restrictions.

It is currently in beta but supports most of Twitter’s features. More features are planned in the future including SSL support, IP access, multiple domains and others.

12   Twitbridge: Access Twitter From Behind Firewalls


  • Web proxy to Twitter.
  • Lets you access Twitter from places with restricted network access – high school, office, different country etc.
  • Access Twitter from anywhere with a single click from their homepage.
  • Supports most of Twitter’s features.
  • No need to download app or plug-in.
  • No registration.
  • Free to use.

Check out Twitbridge @

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Ari Lont

This will come very handy. Will try it soon thanks!