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Are you looking for an easy to way to let family, friends, and colleagues know when you will be meeting them? Twist is a cool iPhone application that automatically alerts people of your estimated time of arrival, so they will know exactly when you will show up at your destination. No longer will friends be waiting for your arrival, wondering where you are and when you are going to show up.


Texting and driving is a real problem in today’s society, and Twist eliminates that problem by texting your friends automatically when you will arrive and if you hit traffic or anything else that will slow you down. You choose who gets notified with Twist, so it is not like Foursqaure where almost anyone can find out where you are and where you are going.


Twist also learns about you, so it can be more accurate at letting people know your ETA. It also sends your texts with an ETA automatically when you leave. You create the Twist, and your phone detects that you left your starting point and sends the ETA text. This makes it so your phone can stay safely in your pocket and your eyes can stay on the road.


  • Let your friends know when you will arrive.
  • Automatically text them when you leave.
  • Automatically notify friends of delays such as traffic jams.
  • Learns your habits to accurately predict ETAs.

Find Twist on the iTunes App Store

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