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Strip down Twitter to it’s bare essentials. If you’re tired of the social network best known for simplicity cluttering its website with sidebars and background, Twipster was designed for you. By developer Brent Jackson, this browser plugin – offered for Safari and Chrome users – turns Twitter into what it should be: a list of Tweets, and nothing more Install it and you’ll see the top bar, the timeline, and basically nothing else:

minimalist twitter client

The site remains functional – it’s simply a lot cleaner. No key features are missing: the timeline is there, and you can easily access the Connect and Me pages along with search and preferences. Twitter’s default keyboard shortcuts still work, as does the expanded information and context for any Tweet. This is key, as many minimalist Twitter clients lack this sort of integration.


But that’s what sets this plugin apart – it’s not a Twitter client. It’s simply a tweak to the primary Twitter interface, and it works quite well. The design here is quite responsive — resize the window until it’s thin and you could easily use in lieu of an actual client.

This plugin is perfect for anyone who loves Twitter for one main reason: the tweets. And really, isn’t that all of us? If nothing else, this extension shows us how clean Twitter could be without sacrificing usability.


Twipster:  Turns Into a Minimalist Twitter Client twipster 3

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