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Having trouble sleeping? The problem might be that you’re looking at your phone or tablet too soon before going to sleep – the blue light from the glowing screen tricks your eyes into thinking it’s day, disrupting your sleep cycle. It’s a good idea to avoid such screens before sleeping, but if you can’t manage that, try out Twilight. This free app for Android tints your entire screen a different shade of red at night, automatically. It’s f.lux for Android, essentially.

android screen red

The app couldn’t be simpler to use – simply open it and it should start working immediately. Twilight uses your current location to determine when the sun will rise and set and will automatically transition to a darker tint of red the darker it is outside. If you’ve used f.lux for various other systems this will all be familiar.


You can manually change your location, if you’d rather not allow the app to see your location. You can pick the type of lightbulb that’s in your house, allowing you to roughly match the kind of light you’re getting from that. And there’s a pro version offering a few more tweaks – custom sunrise and sunset times, if you want more control.



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  1. Lurker
    September 9, 2013 at 6:05 pm

    Nothing for iphones??