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Twiangulate is a great tool to analyze the followers of any Twitter user. For example, just enter the Twitter handle of any user and choose the Biggest Follower tab. Twiangulate will then tell you who are the most influential people following that particular user.

Similarly, you can also find Common Followers between 2 or 3 different Twitter users, find Common Friends between users or Obscure Friends for any user. Obscure friends are those users that have a really low number of friends and followers. You can instantly tweet any of these results or choose to follow any user in any of the 4 result sets. You can also create a custom map of connections between different Twitter users or view recently created public maps.


  • Find common followers and friends between 2 different Twitter accounts.
  • See who the biggest followers and obscure friends are for any account.
  • Instantly tweet your results.
  • No registration required.

Visit Twiangulate @

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