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Recently an increasing number of tools have been developed that provide you with important information regarding trends of your social networking accounts. Adding to this list of tools is TweetWhen, a tool that shows you when you get the most retweets per tweet.

the best time to tweet

TweetWhen is a simple and free to use tool that shows you the times and days your Twitter account got the most retweets per tweet. Using the site is extremely simple: you type in your Twitter username and then optionally enter an email address. The last 1,000 tweets are analyzed and the retweets are shown graphically as in the image above. The time and days sections are clearly separated and the best times for each are marked.


  • A user-friendly website.
  • Shows when to tweet andd get the most retweets possible.
  • Analyzes last 1,000 tweets.
  • Only requires your Twitter username.
  • Data for the time and days is neatly separated.

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