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The multicolumn Twitter client, TweetDeck, now includes a few new features such as column navigation, tweet actions, and scrolling gestures that hardcore Twitter users may find useful. For a long time, TweetDeck has been popular for users who want to view several columns of timelines for their different Twitter accounts, mentions, interactions, trends, favorites, messages and scheduled tweets, all in one window.

TweetDeck is a multi-platform Twitter client for the Mac and PC, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7 devices. It also has support for the three leading web browsers—Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Registering an account with TweetDeck enables users to sync all their column configurations and other activity across devices.

While the basic UI of TweetDeck has not changed, the latest update includes a re-designed Column Navigation, which enables users to view, switch to, and re-order all their columns in a single drop-down window. This is especially useful if you have several columns that become hidden because of the screen width of your monitor.

Additional tweet actions have also been added which enable users to right-click or control-click to quickly tweet, follow, direct message, block, link to, or email another user. Double-clicking on a user’s icon provides detail information about their user’s account.


New features also include horizontal scrolling between columns. If you have a trackpad you can use gestures to scroll right or left as well.

These new features have been added to the web and PC versions of TweetDeck and will be available in the Mac App Store version in a few weeks.

Source: Mashable

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