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TweetBot, which is widely regarded as the best Twitter client available on iOS, has just receive an incredible update that makes it better than ever. This update adds some great features which users of the client were craving, such as some handy new views and some gestures that make the app even easier to navigate.

The first thing you will notice with this TweetBot update is the new view for a tweet’s details. It will show inline replies and conversations, making it easier to follow along with your Twitter friends. If that isn’t enough, you can also use the handy Storify feature to pull all of the tweets together and share a conversation with anyone. Sometimes conversations can get hectic on Twitter, and TweetBot helps clean up the mess.

TweetBot version 2.3 adds the ability to block retweets from specific users. Retweets are great when used correctly, but if someone you follow uses them to the point of annoyance, TweetBot can solve that problem for you.

TweetBot now gives you easy access to draft messages. If you have a tweet saved in draft form, you can now hold down the compose button and it will quickly pull that tweet up, let you edit, and send it.


Some other cool features include support for Droplr, a quicker way to play to videos from a tweet, and a better organised tweet drawer. They have even added the ability to upload higher resolution pictures if you are connected to WiFi.

Overall, this a really solid update for an app that was already great. Download the new TweetBot update here.

Source: TheNextWeb

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