TweetAlarm: Get Custom Twitter Alerts Via Email

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If you want to be notified when someone tweets about you, your company, brand, favorite products or just about anything else you care about, TweetAlarm can help. Using this simple online utility you can track all public tweets for certain keywords and receive Twitter alerts vie email whenever they appear on Twitter. It is just like Google Alerts but only for Twitter.

twitter alerts via email

To get started, first sign up on the site. Next add the keywords you want to track and you are all set. There is also an option to ignore tweets from users of your choice.


  • Receive custom Twitter alerts via email.
  • Track as many keywords as you like.
  • Option to ignore tweets from users of your choice.
  • Free and easy to use.
  • Similar tools: Twilert.

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Very nice, MUO once again comes through with the answer to my “Hey, I wonder if there’s a [fill in the blank]?” question. Thanks!



Thanks for the post…we updated the design over the weekend so your screengrab is old – new design is much nicer – check it out.


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