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tweet quietThese days, everyone uses Twitter. It has made its way in to the very heart of our society. Every major celebrity, every athlete and almost every average person seems to have a Twitter account. Part of the reason Twitter is beloved is because of how easy it is to use. With the launch of Apples iOS 5, Twitter is more ingrained in all of us, because it is literally built right into the phone’s operating system. However, what if you are at work or school and you cannot pull up the Twitter app for fear of getting in trouble?

That is where Covert Chirp comes into play. It is designed to keep your Twitter habits on the down low and keep you from getting into trouble if you should not be tweeting. Of course, we do not condone tweeting when you should be doing other things, but if you should choose to do so, then you will certainly want to check out Covert Chirp.

Installation & Set Up

The first step is downloading the free Twitter client from the iTunes app store. Simply click here, or search for Covert Chirp directly from your device.

tweet quiet

When you first boot up the app, it will take you through a brief tutorial that will explain the basics of how to use it. It is quick and painless, and it lets you see what each of the buttons do so you can get in, do what you need to do and get out.

covert twitter


After the tutorial, you will need to authorize the application to get access to your Twitter account by entering your user name and password. The app will provide you with a code and ask you to enter it for verification. Click the box on the top of the screen between “Cancel” and “Sign in” and type the numbers.


Covert Chirp is designed to look like the iPhone Notepad. This way, it looks as if you are reading or taking important notes, instead of checking your Twitter feed for the latest news on Kim Kardashian.

covert twitter

Once you have everything authorized, the app will show some random technical stuff on the screen that certainly looks like notes, even if I have no idea what they are talking about. Click on your user name from the “Notes” screen to view your Twitter timeline.

covert twitter

This will bring up your friends tweets on a screen that still looks like a bunch of notes. If someone happened to look over your shoulder, there is no reason that anyone would think you are browsing Twitter. The top of the screen even says “Action Items” to further create the illusion of being some notes for work or school.

If you feel concerned that someone may still be looking, you can quickly tap the garbage can icon on the bottom of the screen to bring up that technical jargon we mentioned earlier. You can click the small “@” symbol on the bottom of the screen to reach your interactions and the envelope will bring you to your direct messages.

tweet quickly

You can have multiple Twitter accounts on this client. Simply click “Notes” to go back to the account screen and click the “+.” You will have to repeat the process I outlined earlier to add more accounts.

tweet quickly

Obviously, posting a new Tweet is an important part of using Twitter, and you can do that with ease. Simply click on the “+” from your timeline and you will be taken to a screen labeled “New Notes” where you can create your tweet.


This application does everything you would expect from a Twitter client, only it does it in stealth. Honestly, I like the look and feel of the application enough that I am using it along with the default Twitter app when I need a change of pace, even if I am not concerned with being discrete. This is an app I recommend checking out if you are looking for something different.

Are you stealth tweeting like it is going out of style? Are you morally opposed to tweeting on the down low? Let us know in the comments!

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