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Memories are a part of everyone’s life. Some hold sentimental values, other important values in life. Yet, one thing is for certain for each one of them – memories stay a part of life, and many people prefer to save them and cherish them.

photo video diary

Tweekaboo is a website solely for that very purpose. To save little memories that cherish big moments later on in life. Tweekaboo in the simplest definition “is a photo and video diary that tells the story of a child’s life”

An amazing thing regarding Tweekaboo is the fact that everything can be done quickly from your mobile device, and not only videos and photographs but also notes can be saved. Maybe your child’s first poem, his first test!

Using the service is very easy. One has to make an online account on Tweekaboo, where a person will also choose his phone device and download the application for that. Login into that account from your phone device, capture cherishing moments and post away. You can also share the private moments with friends and family later on via Tweekaboo’s private folder URL, different social networks including Facebook or Twitter and via email. To access any file, you can wish to do so from your phone or computer any time from anywhere.

You may also look at your friend’s diary and keep track of their child’s milestones. This way a mini-community is developed between parents.

You may choose to order photographs saved in Tweakaboo which can be used in child’s personal childhood albums, year books and more.


  • Its Free.
  • Capture text, video, photographs right from your phone.
  • Access friend’s diaries.
  • Order prints to use in yearbooks and photograph albums.
  • App available for different mobile OS.
  • Still in beta stage.
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