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Do you have something interesting to share with your followers on social media that you think is a little too cool for just the regular old text status? Maybe there is a particular quote that interests you and you want it to make a serious impact on your friends. Whatever your reason for wanting to share text in a way that’s cooler and more stylized than just posting the text itself, Tweegram is the perfect app for you.

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Tweegram offers an easy to use interface where you can create cool, stylized images to share any bit of text you desire. You can drag the text around your images to make it stand out. The interface does not have any unnecessary frills, so you can get in, create your image, and get to sharing it with your friends without having to learn anything complicated.


Tweegram gives you a lot of fonts, colors and background to choose from, so you can share your text in a way that is truly your own. Once you finish the quick and painless process of creating your text-based image, you can share it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or almost any social network you can imagine. The chances are great that if there is some kind of social media outlet you wish to share on, Tweegram will support it.

You get plenty of styles with the free app, and if you want more, there are lots available through an in-app purchase.



  • Create text-based images with ease.
  • Share them on any social network.
  • Change font size, color, and style.
  • Choose custom background for your images.

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