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There are lots of Firefox add-ons available for YouTube, each having a unique feature. TweakTube combines all of them in a single add-on to enhance YouTube experience. In addition to letting you download videos in MP4, FLV and MP3 formats, TweakTube auto-pagerizes so when you reach the bottom of the results page, the next page is automatically inserted.

You can turn the lights off, play videos with your local media player like VLC, quickly enable and disable auto-play, play multiple videos, preview videos, resize videos, make YouTube buttons colorful, create a random playlist from a particular user, see video history, accelerate video performance, insert a black background for videos and apply dozens of themes to customize the look of your YouTube.

enhance youtube


  • Provides better YouTube experience.
  • Download YouTube videos in MP4, FLV and MP3.
  • Turn lights out and/or insert a black background.
  • Quick access to different video qualities.
  • See video history or create a random playlist.
  • Customize the look of YouTube by choosing from dozens of skins.

Download TweskTube @

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