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ubuntu.pngUbuntu is a linux based Operating System that’s getting more attention than ever before. It’s very user friendly, and lots of people are downloading it because it comes with better hardware detection and works well out-of-the-box. If you haven’t got yourself a Live CD, get a copy for free from ShipIt

Some reasons why you should give Ubuntu a try:

    * It is completely free. Order a CD via their ShipIt service, and you get the CD delivered at your doorstep, at ZERO cost!

    * It doesn’t need expensive hardware to run, it can run perfectly on a machine with a normal configuration. Doesn’t crash often like Windows.

    * Ubuntu updates every six months, and they’re free as well.

    * Installing apps in Ubuntu is very easy. Just a single command and you’re done.

    * Ubuntu Installer imports your Windows OS settings, so some things come configured when you install it – just like you had on Windows. For instance, your XP Firefox profile could be imported.

Although Ubuntu comes with excellent packages that help you alter the default settings and customize the distro for yourself, tweaking a few settings however requires you to go deeper into the system. Plus if you do something wrong, you’re probably going to end up making a mess of your Ubuntu installation. That’s where a program called Ubuntu Tweak comes in handy. Ubuntu Tweak is a little GUI based tool and it lets you edit some hidden settings on your Ubuntu installation very easily. It’s similar to Tweak UI for Windows XP.

Here’s how you can install it:

In the terminal, type:

    sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

    In the file that opens, add the following lines to the end of the list:

    deb gutsy main
    deb-src gutsy main

    Save the file, go back to the terminal, and type:

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install ubuntu-tweak

Once installed, you should see a ‘System Tools’ sub menu in your Gnome Menu List from where you can access Ubuntu Tweak.



Open the program, and you get access to instantly modify a lot of hidden settings. You can change the splash screen in one single click; remove items from Auto Start; hide Computer, Home, Network icons from the desktop; adjust active window opacity; and lots more.


Besides that, Ubuntu Tweak also lets you disable some services for a higher level of security. For instance – you could disable user switching, printing, run application dialog, etc. – in just a few clicks.

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