TvCalculator: TV Screen Size Comparison Tool

Planning to upgrade your monitor or TV and want to find out what size you should be going after? TvCalculator is a simple screen size comparison tool where you can enter the dimensions for up to 4 screens and visualize them side by side.

In addition to providing visual comparison the app also gives you detailed info such as viewable image dimensions, screen utilization (%), pixel density and equivalent sizes.

tvcalculator    TvCalculator: TV Screen Size Comparison Tool

Further more you can save your comparisons and easily share them with others.


  • Monitor and TV screen size comparison tool.
  • Compare up to 4 screens side by side.
  • When adding screen dimensions you may use inches, aspect ratio, pixels etc.
  • Save comparisons online and share them with others.
  • No registration required.
  • Similar website: DisplayWars.

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