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We all watch television for entertainment. There are a few shows in particular that we thoroughly enjoy. It is our preference to watch the latest episodes of these shows as soon as they are aired. Unfortunately staying up to date about the run-time of your favorite episodes is not that easy. There are numerous websites that help you out in this area but to use them you must register for a new account and remember to keep checking back to check the run-times – most people do not remember to do the latter till it is too late. Here to help you get show run-times right on your web browser is a nifty little tool called TV WatchList.

tv watch list

TV WatchList is a free to use browser tool that helps you stay up to date about the runtimes of your favorite television shows. The tool comes as a browser extension for Google Chrome. After installing this extension on your browser, you will find a new icon placed in the top right corner of the browser. Clicking the icon for the time will drop down a window where you search for and add your shows. With your favorite shows added, the icon will show you the number of shows of which episodes you still need to check out. You can mark episodes as seen once you are done watching them. You also see “Next Show” runtime along with each show’s entry.


  • A user-friendly browser extension
  • Compatible with Google Chrome
  • Helps find out runtimes of your favorite TV shows
  • Mark seen shows accordingly

Check out TV WatchList @


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