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A good collection – doesn’t matter what kind – is of the essence. Whenever you’ve got lots of something in one place, you at least need to make sure everything is labeled and stored correctly.

This is certainly true for downloaded TV series collections. Although the uploader’s netiquette helps, a lot of your episodes will still arrive differently, if not mislabeled.

The result is work. A lot of extra, manual revision work for the user. That is, unless you’re using an application that not only keeps your filenames in order, and sorts your collection, but even takes into account the TV air dates.

TV Rename

The name might be a little bit misleading. In fact, renaming is one of the lesser aspects of TV Rename, albeit still important. TV Rename could be considered a general personal assistant for everything related to downloaded TV series, much more than any competitor apps.


There are two ways to first get started with TV Rename. One is to add all the TV series you’re interested in, be it already watched, interesting, or still airing titles. As can be seen in the screenshot above, this’ll give you a general overview of your personal TV interests.

For every TV series, and every season thereof, you can click on to a general description and episode overview. From there on, you can fork off towards the TVDB website for more information, or even launch a Torrent search for the episode in question.

The second step would be to identify the video folders on your computers where your TV series collection is stored. This can be done via Tools -> Folder Monitor, and in two parts. First, you launch a semi-automatic search in a number of self-specified folders. This will return many of your video collections, but also a lot of irrelevancy.

Next, you skim through the list and highlight specific series. You’ll try to link every folder to a specific series on TVDB, and specify if the folder holds all seasons, one season per folder, or only one of said seasons. Although some popular anime series are recognized, TVDB remains largely focused on western series. When done, these folders will also be monitored for changes and new episodes.

Renaming & Missing Episodes

For someone with an intricate TV series library collection, there are two big steps towards organized excellence. Correctly and (most importantly) consistently renaming all your episodes, and adding any that are missing from your collection.

These two things can be done in the Scan tab. TV Rename will scan every folder that’s paired with a TV series, and try to notice faults.

Under missing, TV Rename will tell you about episodes that are already aired, but still missing from your collection. From this page, you can launch another BitTorrent search. But instead of being defaulted to Mininova, here you can choose from a considerable list of torrent search engines.

The application can also be used to flatten out inconsistences between filenames, and rename all your episodes via a singular pattern. By default, this is “Series Name – S##E## – Episode Title”.

TV Air Dates

TV Rename is not an application to be used once or twice, and then be discarded. The When To Watch tab makes sure of that.

Of all series added by you, this will show you any recent and upcoming air dates. This includes episodes specifics, like episode number, air date, time and day, but also a short synopsis. Again, you can use this page to instantly launch a BitTorrent search.

What do you think of TV Rename? Or do you have another software alternative to organize your TV series collection? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. rednoah
    May 2, 2010 at 3:07 pm

    You might wanna check out FileBot as well:

    It's very different from TV Rename. It might work better depending on what you want. And yes, it does run on all platforms, not just windows.

  2. rednoah
    May 2, 2010 at 1:07 pm

    You might wanna check out FileBot as well:

    It's very different from TV Rename. It might work better depending on what you want. And yes, it does run on all platforms, not just windows.

  3. Kevin Devine
    April 14, 2010 at 10:34 am

    This is currently one of my favorite organizing applications. It is very helpful to organizing my growing collection of TV shows. As I DVR all the shows to my computer or even rip DVDs (that I own) to my computer to watch through Media Center, TV Rename allows me to seemlessly organize my media...

    I have had a few issues with it changing the name of certain back episodes (I think it has renamed a number of Allo! Allo! and Quantum Leap eps) and it cannot handle videoes that combine two episodes (unless I am missing something). Also, it can be a bit difficult to find a show if you are trying to organize differently (I have all the Doctor Who episodes and I would prefer to order by Doctor, not by season, i.e. 01-Hartnell, 02-Troughton, ... , 11-Matt Smith) and this can be difficult...