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Spotify and iTunes are great for listening to music, but when it comes to adding the social element to it, nothing beats Turntable. Turntable is a web service that lets you listen to music with other people online. Everybody in a virtual room takes turn to become the DJ and play their song. Other people can then vote on the song being great or lame. If enough lame votes accumulate, the song is skipped.

The whole room listens to the song at the same time and you can also chat with anybody in the room while listening to music. You can also become a fan of the DJs so you can search for them later and join the room they are playing in. Turntable also adds a fun element with its cool avatars and allows you to search for music by artist, album or track title.

rate music online


  • Listen to music with other people online.
  • Be the DJ and play your song.
  • Vote a song up or down.
  • Also available as an iPhone app.
  • Facebook account required.

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