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photo video appBack when I was younger, my dad used to buy a huge pile of films before each trip. When we got back, we had to wait until it was all developed, placed in little envelopes, and then we could sit down and look at all those pictures for the first time. I remember thinking that taking ~200 photos in a one-week trip is outrageous.

These days, I find myself taking 400 photos on a simple day out. I don’t even notice it. And what happens to those pictures? Most of the time, no one ever get to see them. Because everyone has a digital camera or a camera phone, we all take thousands of pictures, and to be  honest, who has the time to sit and look at all of them? But isn’t it a shame for all those beautiful pictures to go to waste?


photo video app

PicTrip is an innovative way to share a large amount of pictures that is yet interesting and quick. You can share 100, even 200 pictures at a time, and all it would require from your friends is a minute or two of their time. PicTrip turns your pile of repetitive pictures into a fun and exciting video, complete with a soundtrack of your choosing, which you can then share with friends via e-mail, Facebook, or simply download the file and share it any which way you want.

So let’s see what it’s all about!

Creating A Video

PicTrip comes only as an iOS app, and therefore is aimed at creating clips from pictures you’ve taken with your iPhone. You can, of course, upload pictures from other sources onto your iDevice (as I did), and create a video using those.


To start, tap on “New Trip” on the main screen, and select the album you wish to use. At the moment, there’s no way that I could see to combine pictures from multiple albums into one clip, but since the whole thing is aimed at creating a video from a single trip or place, this is not really a problem.

photos to video

Within your album, you can select which pictures to include in your clip. Tapping on a picture will select it, and tapping it again will de-select it. Very simple. The app will let you know how many pictures you’ve selected. When you’re satisfied, tap on “Done”.

photos to video

You are now going to create your video. First, give it an informative title, so people will know what it’s all about. You can change this title later if you want. And now come the most important parts: speed and soundtrack.

photos to video

At the moment, the app is a bit lacking in speed options, in my opinion. As you can see in the screenshot above, with my 31 pictures I can create a “slow” video (31 seconds), a “fast” video (4 seconds) or an “insane” video (2 seconds). I do wish there were further options to choose from between slow and fast. As it is, if you have a small amount of photos, slow is your best option. If you have hundreds of pictures, the faster options become viable as well.

After choosing the speed, it’s time to choose a soundtrack! This will make your video more than just a boring slideshow of photos. Tap on “Add Music”, and the app will transport you into your device’s iTunes library.

photo video app iphone

Sort your music any way you want, and find that perfect song for your video. I chose Having a Blast by Green Day.

photo video app iphone

You can now take a final look at your options, and when you’re ready, hit “Trip It!”.

photo video app iphone

The app will render your picture selection in no time, and present you with the final product.

Watching Your Clips and Sharing Them

When the rendering is complete, you can watch your video on the device and share it. At this point you can still edit the title if you wish.

photo video app iphone

Tap the fullscreen icon to watch your video on the entire screen. This is surprisingly exhilarating, especially if you’ve chosen the right music. I do wish the music would fade out at the end when the song is not actually over, but this doesn’t really affect the whole experience.


The app creates MOV files, which are archived on your device. To access them, either launch the app and tap on “Archive”, or open them from your Saved Photos library. This way, you can also upload them easily onto other devices using services like Dropbox.


You can also share the video right from the app by either e-mailing it or sharing it one Facebook. There are some sharing options which are glaringly missing, but you can always download it or e-mail it to yourself and share it wherever you want.

When you try to share on Facebook, this message pops up. I guess everyone it extra careful about copyrights these days.

photo video app

Bottom Line

PicTrip turns your pictures into a highly enjoyable experience that’s easy to share and easy for your friends to watch. The app is relatively new, and I would love to see more options and features added to it in the future. As it is, it’s still very easy and fun to use, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is overloaded by pictures and is looking for a quick and easy way to share them and make sure people actually look at them.

What do you do to share a large amount of photos? Do you usually take the time to look at other people’s large albums, or would a solution like this help you? Tell us  in the comments!

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  1. francisowen59
    January 8, 2012 at 4:00 pm

    videos have greater impact than a mere picture . pictrip app review is great.

  2. James Bruce
    January 7, 2012 at 9:20 am

    A demo video when reviewing an app designed to make videos would be appreciated ;)