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When you attend a party, selecting the songs to get you in the groove is not up to you. You can request a change in music, but who knows if other people will like your choices too? Enter Tunetug, a cool app for party lovers that lets select and vote for songs to be played. With this system, you can create your own party playlist that everyone will enjoy.

songs for your party

For Tunetug to work, users need to get the app from the App store and register. They can choose to create or join a party playlist. Just select the correct party name to join it and then choose songs from the selection set by the host. Users can then tug-up or tug-down a song. The most popular song wins and goes to the front of the playlist.

Tunetug is an intuitive solution for bad party music. It definitely gets the party kicking when all users can agree on one song that they all like and can dance to.


  • Tug-up or Tug-down songs to be considered in the party playlist.
  • Set number of tugs per user.
  • Available only for iOS.
  • Add songs and create playlists to start party.
  • Templates for party flyers available to let your friends know.
  • Similar tools: Djtxt, SongVote and FlavorTunes.

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