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Are you looking for a slick iOS application that lets you stream some of your favorite music, follow the artists you enjoy, keep track of when the bands you like are coming to your town, and lots of other cool stuff involving music? Who wouldn’t love an app that lets them enjoy their music in so many ways?

Well, you should have a look at a new app called TuneBash, which is absolutely packed with features, including the ability to stream music to your phone for free.


With TuneBash, you can look up any song, artist, or album directly from within the app. For most songs, you can simply type in the name and play it directly from within the application, which is not something you see too often. For each song, there is a link to buy it from iTunes, so if you want to own the song permanently, you can do so from within the app. You can also share songs with friends, so you can turn them on to some of the cool music you are enjoying.

Of course, there is more to this app than listening to music. You can also go to any artist and click the location icon to see when they have tours upcoming and to see if they are coming to play any shows in your area. You can click the Twitter icon to see what people are saying about the particular artist.

Besides being a music player, TuneBash actually feels like an entire music social network, which is really cool.


The app is still new, so it did crash once, but with the care and time the developers have spent in the interface, it’s clear that this app is just going to continue to get better, and it’s already quite good. Also, because of the search crawler it uses, there were a couple of instances where it played the wrong song, but clicking “next” finds another instance and fixes the problem.


  • Stream music from your favorite artists on your iOS device.
  • Follow your favorite artists to see when they are coming to your town.
  • Share your music on social media.
  • Slick, easy to use interface.
  • Uses search crawler to find music.

Find TuneBash on the iTunes App Store

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  1. Joey Ricard
    May 22, 2013 at 5:27 pm

    Rick sounds like a paid comment haha... app is good though. I can def tell you that :)

  2. Rick
    May 22, 2013 at 4:46 am

    Yes, this is an awesome app, and dare I say, one of its kind.

    What I love the most about it is what you've mentioned above, it is not just an app that streams music, but is a complete social network based around music. That is cool. And it is free, as free as anything can get.

    Well, in my case too, there were some rare cases when the song played wrong, but tapping the "Not happy? Try another stream!" button fixed it for me. And in cases where the songs played right, that very button allowed me to listen to different versions of the same song. Never saw anything this cool done around music.

    I recommend Tunebash.