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Tumblr is an extremely simple yet feature-rich online blogging tool. It can be easily used by anyone and offers a number of cool features that make quick online posting extremely easy: announce events, share Youtube videos, post fun pictures, publish jokes, etc.). Much easier than sharing stuff by email. If you’re looking for a flexible and easy-to-use online blog and don’t want to deal with any technicalities then Tumblr is the tool you need.

Tumblr - Extremely Easy Blogging Tool

Tumblr – Feature List:

  • Easily publish text, pictures, quotes, links, chat excerpts, videos (i.e. from Youtube) or MP3 files.
  • Style your blog: add your own title and description, choose a visual theme, add portrait photo, change theme colors, indicate how many posts you want to be shown on the homepage, etc.
  • Invite and share your posts with friends.
  • Automatically insert/export posts from your other blogs (up to five blogs).
  • Put your tumblelog on any desired Tumblr subdomain ( OR set it up on any normal domain address i.e. (see how).
  • Browser Bookmarklet: grab any video, picture or text from any webpage and post it to your blog with just one click.
  • You can also publish to your tumblelog from mobile phone, email, AIM, or via Mac Dashboard widget (aka Tumblet).
  • For some more information go to Tumblr Help page here.
  • For developers: Build your own apps with the Tumblr API.

[Video] Tumblr Screencast

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