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You’ve no doubt heard of people live-blogging an important event, but making GIFs in real-time with an event is certainly something new. The folks at Tumblr believe that GIFs are exactly how users want to keep up with the happenings in the Presidential debates, so they have announced that they will begin live-GIFing them as they happen.

Whenever something GIF-worthy happens at one of the debates, Tumblr will be on it in a heartbeat, ready to show it to the world. Tumblr bloggers Topher Price, Bobby Finger, Lacey Micallef, and the aptly named “Mr. GIF” will be responsible for cranking the GIFs out as the events go down. The Guardian reporter Adam Gabbatt, will be running a live-blog contextualizing the GIFs and ensuring they make sense to readers.

“Our research indicates that most Americans now consume their hard news in the form of animated GIFs,” said Tumblr editor-in-chief Chris Mohney, “and we take the potential of legitimate GIF journalism very seriously, as should anyone still working in the old-school blog-focused model of reporting.” GIF journalism is a term that is quite new, but it certainly is an interesting way to get the latest happenings from the debate without watching them or reading the transcripts.

For users interested in checking this out, subscribe to Gifwich on Tumblr and follow The Guardian’s live-blog.

Source: Mashable


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